Popular Event Venues in Singapore

Here Are The Ideal Venues That Make Singapore a Popular Destination for Events

Singapore is not just a powerhouse of commerce but is also the world’s only island-city-state that attracts tourists from all over the globe to its exotic beaches, luxurious shopping malls, and sprawling green landscape. Whether its just peering over the rooftop pool of Marina Bay Sands or binge shopping on Haji Lane, you are sure to fall in love with the city’s rich charm.

It is hard to imagine that this thriving city, as we see it today, was once a fishing village centuries ago. But trade always remained a special theme of the city since 300 AD. Though the city was once known for its nefarious drug and sex crimes, its reputation as a global trader overpowers the negatives. From being a once-small fishing village to becoming a global hub for commerce, finance and travel, Singapore’s history is rich in its own way.

The city’s nickname, The Lion City, is historically apt, given the fact that the city has captured a major share of the global financial and commercial ecosystem. Today, Singapore is packed with top banking and trading companies, ethnic quarters, and technological companies. The city has financially and commercially established itself as a powerhouse in the recent years, coming up to par with many leading economies of the world.

Singapore celebrated its 50 years of independence in 2015. However, the city’s charm and lights can brighten the experience of any traveler. Besides travel, Singapore has become a hub for business conferences and events owing to the large number of corporations that have proliferated here. The city’s tremendous talent and fecund creativity inspires awe in people who visit the place either on a holiday or on work.

As the Lion City is roaring through developments, global companies have considered the city’s ideal venues for organizing events. In fact, these corporate events often have Singapore as one of their attendants. So having one of the most powerful members host such events is often beneficial. Not only corporate events, but also weddings and family events can become a little outlandish in Singapore.

There are innumerable event companies and venues that spot the city. From man-made beaches to gorgeous gardens and towering hotels, Singapore has ideal venues for hosting events. The city’s vibrancy and entertainment never disappoints its visitors.

Singapore Event Venues

Anybody visiting Singapore on work cannot help but sneak some time out to explore the vibrant city. Singapore’s towering glass structures and sprawling green spaces have amazing event venues that will enthrall people. These venues, equipped with the all basic amenities, cannot miss any corporation’s list.

Below are a few ideal event venues spotting Singapore that marry aesthetics with facilities to stage remarkable events:

  • The Meadows at Gardens by the Bay

The Meadows at Gardens by the Bay is the lion city’s largest outdoor garden set up for events. The open spaces and spectacular backdrop of Singapore make it an ideal destination for events and parties, whether family or corporate. The enormously huge garden can accommodate good 30,000 people, and it is conveniently located at a walkable distance from Bayfront MRT Station.

The panoramic views of Singapore’s supertrees, conservatories, and downtown urban landscape are the unique selling points of this flower-bowl shaped venue. The magical view of Marina Bay Sands after sunset is another bonus point of having an event here. The venue has staged several popular events like St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival and Zouk Singapore’s I am Hardwell ‘United We Are’ tour.

  • Fort Canning Park

Fort Canning Park has a legacy as a historical site in Singapore. After being called the “Forbidden Hill” for years, the place has undergone a massive change in the last few decades. Different attractions such as gorgeous gardens, archaic artifacts, and wide outdoor lawns make it suitable for staging concerts.

With a capacity to accommodate up to 10,000 people, Fort Canning Park has hosted a gamut of musical concerts and festivals. The most noted of them are Singfest, the Beastie Boys, and WOMAD. Avid music lovers would be lucky enough if they get a chance to attend any of the concerts here.

  • Changi Exhibition Center

The Changi Exhibition Center (CES) stores immense potential to become the hub for music concerts. Over 20000 metal rock fans swarmed to the place for Metallica’s 2013 concert. Changi Exhibition Center is a multidimensional facility that is built on a massive 30-hectare site along the Changi road coast. The exhibition hall is equipped with air-conditioners, and is propped against the scenic seafront of Singapore. Nothing can amplify the experience of being in a music concert like the aesthetics of this place.

  • National Sports Stadium

The National Sports Stadium is unlike other large stadiums in the world. This new stadium claims to have the world’s largest dome with a convertible roof suited to meet all weather conditions. So no event is halted because of bad weather because the huge roof can be opened and closed. The central cooling system of the facility makes it comfortable for stadium patrons to enjoy sport events.

Besides the top-class facilities, the National Sports Stadium also shelters the Singapore Sports Museum, the Kallang Wave shopping mall, and a sport library. One Direction and Mariah Carey have already staged their music concerts here and Singaporeans wait for more to come.

  • Siloso Beach

This amazing man-made beach houses ZoukOut, Singapore’s most lauded electronic dance music festival. First and foremost, Siloso Beach is a beach, and who doesn’t like to attend the music concert enjoying the cool breeze blowing into the face? Located on the bustling Sentosa Island, Siloso Beach has innumerable things to do before hitting a music concert. People can witness the Resorts World Casino and the famous Universal Studio on Sentosa Island. Music lovers can visit the place for some groovy dance moves with the electrifying music.

  • Marina Bay Sands

Organizing an event in this exotic hotel that has ceiling-to-floor windows and provides a magnificent view of Singapore’s glittering landscape is nothing more than a dreamlike experience. Marina bay sands, with its large hotel ballrooms and hotel halls, is ideal for business and entertainment events. The hotel has many vibrant and unique spots where people get a world-class experience while holding events. The relaxing blue infinity pool and convenient hotel amenities make Marina Bay Sands an unrivaled event destination in Singapore.

  • Suntec City

Suntec City welcomes an array of people, from music lovers to corporate professionals, to come and hold events in one of Singapore’s largest shopping malls. Nestled in the heart of the buzzing Marina Bay, Suntec City is conveniently flanked by two MRT stations, and flashes nearly 380 retail set ups across its basement and three levels. From binge shopping to rich dining, Suntec City has everything to offer besides a huge space to hold events and parties. In fact, it has a history of housing auto roadshows and corporate events with world-class standards.

  • Singapore Expo

Singapore Expo is marked amongst the leading venues in Asia. It is the largest MICE facility in Singapore to house a wide range of events every year. Max Atria, its convention wing established in 2012, holds the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Green Mark Platinum Standard for its sustainable construction, eco-friendly design and operations. The sprawling 123,000 square meters of indoor and outdoor space makes Singapore Expo an ideal venue for hosting exhibitions, conferences, dinner parties, corporate meetings and consumer shows. Singapore Expo won the Best International Venue award in 2016 at the 10th Exhibition News awards ceremony.

  • The White Rabbit

The White Rabbit is a refreshing departure from the standard hotel ballrooms. Propped on top of Dempsey Hill in a 1930’s chapel, The White Rabbit provides an amazing space for holding events. The savory European cuisine, coupled with the classy interiors of restaurants, makes The White Rabbit the most-coveted space for holding corporate and family events. The restaurants can accommodate 120 people or 250 standing people. The outdoor patio can easily seat 60 people or 300 standing people. The rich event venue has hosted several corporate events in the recent past, and has earned the mark of one of the most luxurious destinations in Singapore.

  • Flutes

With the class and elegance of Singapore’s oldest museum, Flutes offers an incredible dining experience with an unmatched service. It is simply perfect for enjoying a meal with a client or pampering the office team with the unparalleled history of the National Museum. The place has three specific areas for hosting events. The dining area can accommodate 80 people, while the private dining are can host 30 people. The outdoor terrace can easily accommodate 40 people. The place may be small compared to other Singaporean venues, but it never disappoints people with its amenities and service.

  • Kaiserhaus

Sophistication and class is what defines this dining destination. The meticulous attention to detail and absolutely stunning interiors of newly re-opened Capitol Theater makes Kaiserhaus an ideal venue for dinners and shows. Guests can enjoy a nice night with good music and delicious food. The private dining area can seat 18 people and 30 standing people. The kitchen on the second level can easily accommodate 95 people or 150 standing people. The bar upstairs holds good 70 people seated and 100 people standing.

  • The Projector

Independent and authentic, The Projector can transform to cater to all dining needs. The Projector is simply an amazing option for people who are looking to hold a cocktail party and then slowly transit into the cinema for a panel, lecture, film or performance. The Projector came into being as a result of crowdfunding. Hosting an event here is a noble way to support the local businesses. The two cinema areas of The Projector is an enormous capacity. One cinema can hold 150 seats and 30 bean bags, while the second one has a good 230 cinema seats. The cafe can host 40 people or 200 standing people during cocktail parties.

  • Cook & Brew at the Westin

Set atop The Westin, Cook and Brew is gaining increasing popularity among corporate folks. Its corporate friendly menu, convenient location and attractive packages provide the best opportunity for organizing a corporate dinner. The prime but relaxing vibe held by the place breathes life into any formal gathering of corporate professionals. The lounge area has a capacity to hold 150 to 200 people, while the dining area is apt for seating 88 people. The variety of cuisines, coupled with a breathtaking view makes this place an ideal venue for events.

  • The Screening Room

Nestled between old and new Singapore, The Screening Room is quaint boutique theater that has a rooftop bar. Located on Ann Siang Road, The Screening Room is convenient to reach. The huge menu, shophouse views and an intimate theater make The Screening Room an ideal venue for hosting both corporate and family parties. The theater room has a seating capacity of 35 people and 50 standing people. About 100 people can be easily accommodated on the rooftop bar. Nothing more can be outlandish than holding an event at this exotic venue.

  • Pollen at Gardens by the Bay

Set inside a notable Singaporean landmark, Pollen is an award-winning dining establishment that gives guests the taste of Europe in southeast Asia. This climate-controlled dining set up offers finger-licking European cuisines by Jason Artherton, the Michelin star chef. Pollen is one of the most iconic places to hold an event at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. Its impressive interiors and unmatched service seamlessly accommodates event requirements. The main dining area is simply perfect for holding 80 people. The bistro bar on the second level can easily accommodate 40 seats and 60 standing people. Its simply idyllic for holding a small dinner party for colleagues after a long day of work.

  • OCF

Set in the splendid Singapore Artshouse, OCF is sure to stimulate the taste buds of people with its huge spread of French cuisine options. Housing a grand piano and three musical acts, OCF adds elegance, sophistication, and class to any evening spent here. The venue is amazingly suited to host small music gatherings and family events. The main dining area can easily accommodate 50 people. The private dining area can seat 12 people, while the terrace can hold 20 people to provide a relaxing evening of snacks and drinks.

  • Singapore Flyer Private Capsule

This giant observation wheel has a towering height of 165 meters, and is situated in the heart of Marina Bay in Singapore. With its spectacular 360-degree view of the city, Singapore Flyer Private Capsule provides an unmatched experience while holding small corporate or family gatherings. A view of the island’s historic and iconic landmarks amplifies the vibe of the place to a great extent. Each capsule of this unrivaled venue has a capacity of 28 people. Guests can pamper themselves with its exquisite selection of wines, pastries, canapes, and champagnes.

  • Alkaff Mansion Ristorante

Built in 1918, this historical British mansion lends an English touch to Singapore after being restored to its yesteryear’s glory. The two levels, a splendid outdoor terrace, and an exotic gazebo make Alkaff Mansion Ristorante one of the most-loved event venue in Singapore. The lush green surrounding and melodically chirping birds provides the most relaxing experience. The first level can accommodate 60 people, the second level can hold 100 people, and the terrace can hold 64 people during a world-class Italian dining and cocktail party.

  • Sea Aquarium

The Open Ocean Gallery is an awe-inspiring transition to the marine world. It can host almost any event– weddings to corporate conferences– and provides one-of-a-kind experience to its guests. Nothing can be more wonderful than being seated in a gathering with gigantic sharks lurking around people. Quite unimaginable, but the venue whisks people away to a whole new world of marine life. The Ocean Gallery can hold maximum 350 people, while the Ocean Restaurant and Ocean Dome are ideal for a gathering of 40 to 60 people. Guests can tease their taste buds with some juicy beef steak, crispy duck leg confit and cracking.

  • Oxwell & Co

The hugeness of the place is what strikes guests for the first time. The three levels of the shophouse and an open rooftop herb garden never miss eyeballs. The outlandish interiors inspire awe for the beauty of Oxwell & Co. The cozy cocktail bar hidden below the dark staircase gives guests a feeling of adventure. The back of a picture gives guests way to a hidden lounge. Small family gatherings or corporate dinners can ideally be hosted in this out-of-the-world venue, which can hold about 20 people. Guests can taste good old British meals and wines to completely sink in the ambiance.

The exotic, sophisticated, and mod venues spotting Singapore are known for their world-class services and abundant spaces. Holding an event in one of the many venues adds a distinct aesthetic and modern charm to it, making guests remember the event for days after it is over.