Types of Events in Singapore

Common Types of Events in Singapore

There is no place like Singapore if you’re thinking of incorporating a new business or expanding an existing one. It has become the hub of all kinds of business activities, events and networking. There several reasons why Singapore is a flourishing business city: technological advancement, infrastructure and transportation facilities and the ease of operating a business.

Singapore is a well-connected city. It is strategically located at the convergence of the West and the East and this has contributed to it becoming an important centre for global trade. Further, the country’s ambition to create the first ‘Smart Nation’ of the world is indicative of the importance given to infrastructure by the Singapore government. The government has envisaged this program with the objective of making the best possible use of technology for improving the standard of living of the people in Singapore and to create greater opportunities for building stronger communities.

Singapore has a lot to offer to local and global businesses that are looking to make better profits by selling/trading goods and services in the country. Events are a big part of business operations, promotion and expansion. Hence it comes as no surprise that Singapore is a city where a number of different corporate events, exhibitions, trade shows and business dinners are organized each year. These dinners, events, exhibitions and shows allow the members of the business community to interact with each other and add to the knowledge and skills of employees in different industries. They also present an opportunity to meet clients, present products/services and expand business through partnerships and other means.

Singapore is known for its lavish and well-organized corporate events all over the world. Since it plays host to both local and global business community members, the quality of events cannot be compromised. Most businesses in Singapore hire the services of an event management company that specializes in organizing corporate events. This helps ensure that every detail is taken care of and the event is a guaranteed success.

  1. Business/Trade/Industry Exhibitions

Trade shows are essentially popular among the B2B companies in Singapore. These shows are helpful because they allow these companies to sell their product/services to the potential client companies. If your company works on a B2B model, then a trade show will help you get connected to a range of different business parties and customers.

The planning process in a trade show or exhibition starts pretty early. This is a large scale event and demands selection and booking of a suitable venue well in advance. Other aspects of planning a trade show or business exhibition include negotiation of sponsorship rates with regards to the booth space, promotional activity and advertising at the event etc. There are multiple logistical details that need to be taken care of. These include printing and display of promotional materials, staff duties, giveaways, booth lighting and so on.

It is important to understand that companies like to attend corporate events such as exhibition and trade shows because they consider them important for lead generation. Companies also organize or sponsor trade shows in order to reinforce their position as a leader in the industry. This is an excellent opportunity to impress customers, industry members, customers, suppliers and prospects.

  1. Corporate Dinners and Dance

Corporate dinners and dance events are a conventional practice in all thriving business cities including Singapore. They are usually held once or twice a year for various purposes such as concluding a fiscal year, introduction of a new management, celebration of a new milestone and so on. Some corporate dinners also organized in association with important clients and hence promote networking.

A corporate dinner and dance event is an integration of professionalism and entertainment. It may be tagged as a semi-formal event that allows different branches and corporate levels within an organization to mix and interact with each other. Generally speaking, a successful corporate dinner will serve three different purposes: commemoration of organization achievements, honoring of dedicated employees and entertainment of guests.

A classy and cozy venue such as a hotel banquet hall is considered to be a suitable venue choice for a corporate dinner and dance event. There are plenty of good hotels in Singapore that you can choose from if you’re looking to organize a corporate dinner. Keep in mind that there should be enough space at the venue for guests to move around and a central space designated for dancing (if it is included in your event). Select a contingency date and book the venue in advance to avoid getting disappointed later.

Business dinners usually last for about 2 to 3 hours. Therefore, it is best to set a time-frame, particularly if there is a speech, toast or presentation that needs to be made. For a corporate dinner, companies usually design a simple and formal invite that includes essential details such as the date, time, venue and an indication to RSVP. You can request your guests to state a preference as far as the food is concerned, e.g. vegetarian or non-vegetarian etc. This is particularly important if you’re inviting important clients and want to ensure that they enjoy the food at the event. Invitations should be sent at least a week or two in advance.

  1. Corporate Team Building

Most companies in Singapore, whether big or small, organize corporate team building events once or twice in a year. Such events are designed for motivating employees and helping them bond so as to build strong working teams. Further, corporate team building events offer an excellent opportunity to employees to interact in an informal environment. They come together to complete interesting tasks such as puzzles, rock climbing etc. and this indirectly helps boost their goodwill and morale. Employees learn to trust each other when participating in adventurous games and activities and this trust ultimately helps them work better with each other on a daily basis. A good company that organises corporate team building activities whether locally or overseas is HappySparrow.

Most team building events are organized in the outdoors and are characterized by fun games and other adventurous physical activities such as a ropes course. A corporate event management firm can help a business organize its corporate team building activities in Singapore. The venue, date and schedule of events can be discussed in order to ensure that everything goes smoothly on the day of the event. A lot of companies also combine skill workshops and team building events to procure greater benefits.

  1. Charity Gala Dinners

Charity gala dinners are a great way to get your organization to participate in the larger community by helping out the less fortunate. Every year, numerous companies in Singapore organize different types of charity events in order to give back to the society and to network with important personalities to boost the reputation of the business. Such events help put the company in the goodwill books of the media.

Before starting the planning process of your charity event, your company needs to finalize on the purpose of the event. Besides raising funds for a specific cause, you might be looking at gaining some publicity or reaching out to prospective clients through networking. A charity gala event is typically organized with more than a single goal in mind. Hence, you need to be sure about what you wish to achieve at the end of your charity gala event.

Another important decision that you need to take for your charity event is with regards to the target audience. Such events are usually organized keeping in mind a specific audience: young professionals, parents, business people etc. Some companies also host general fundraisers. The planning of a charity event also involves making a ‘host committee’. This committee is responsible for making significant contributions to the event and generally comprise of business leaders, wealthy donors and local celebrities.

A charity gala event could take different forms such as auctions, concerts, dinners, runs and walks, golf tournaments etc. Since a charity event is organized on behalf of an organization for the purpose of fund raising, it is critical to get their written permission for the same. Your event management company can guide you through the process of obtaining this permission by contacting the organization. You can give them the exact details of the event and explain to them how the financial accounting will be done for the money raised.

Charity gala events require extensive marketing. Consider your event to be a new product that you wish to sell to the target audience. It is vital to convince them that you are truly committed to the specific cause for which the money is being raised in order to get their support.

  1. Forums, Seminars, Conferences

Events such as forums, seminars and conferences are organized by companies in Singapore in order to provide relevant information to a selected audience. As compared to conferences, seminars are typically shorter and last only a few hours or half a day. A seminar will have one or more than one speakers and is usually organized in a common space. Today’s market is saturated with information and a successful businessperson is expected to quickly grasp new information. Young professionals with multiple skill sets and powerful research capabilities are filling up majority of the employment ranks in all companies in Singapore. In such a situation, seminars present an excellent opportunity for dispersing critical proficiency in a highly condensed form.

A conference is different from a seminar in the sense that it typically has a series of long sessions. These sessions occur simultaneously and are targeted towards different roles/positions, different skill levels and different interests. The venue for a conference can be a meeting room or a large convention hall depending on the scale of the conference. There are various types of business conferences. For example, annual meetings are a common type of conference held for the shareholders of the company. The purpose of this conference is to present the accomplishments of the company from the previous year. These conferences also usually highlight the planned events and goals of the future.

Another common type of corporate conference is a ‘training’ conference. Large-sized organizations in Singapore often organize training conferences during the year. It gives the employees of the organization an opportunity to get acquainted with advanced skills and new information. It is a way of sharing best industry practices with colleagues. Training conferences are organized for those working in the company.

Conferences are also organized by companies that have several divisions spread all over the world. In these types of conferences, management teams from all divisions meet to discuss the various issues such as the future business direction or for sharing best practices.

For all types of forums, seminars and conferences, an organization has to first take a decision on the theme. For instance, a seminar could be centered on teaching new technical skills or could have a general philosophical theme. A seminar, forum or conference typically requires arranging for an engaging speaker(s) who can retain the attention of the target audience by providing relevant information in an interesting manner. A speaker with a boring or dull approach could kill the purpose of the seminar. You also need to keep in mind your target audience when making a list of potential speakers.

When you have a clear idea about the date, attendees and speakers for your forum, seminar or conference, you can start the process of shopping for a suitable venue. Your event management company can help you shortlist appropriate venues for your event. It is important to remember that the audio/visual and catering costs are also dependent on the selection of venue. If you decide to book a conference hall within a hotel, you would likely have to hire their in-house services. Therefore, you need to look at venue choices that fit your budget. When you organize a conference, you may also have to arrange for an overnight stay for your guests travelling from other cities and/or countries. Hotels usually turn out to be a more practical option in such cases as they tend to offer a packaged deal for guest stay, conference hall rental and other related services.

  1. Awards Night

Awards nights are organized by businesses in Singapore in order to honor company employees or to acquire new customers. Such events are typically planned by an in-house team in association with an event management company. Awards ceremonies have been devised on the simple belief that all human beings living in a society like to be recognized for their good work or contribution to the business or the community at large.

The planning of awards ceremonies is usually an extensive process that begins with selecting a jury or panel of judges. Depending on the nature of the awards ceremony, the judges could be selected from within the organization or from the outside (media personalities, industry thought leaders etc.) When the judges have been finalized, you need to think about submissions and how they will be accepted. This could be done by running an ad in the local newspaper or making an announcement on the local radio (if you’re looking to get participation from the general community). On the other hand, if you’re honoring your own company employees, then an ad is unnecessary.

The purpose of organizing an awards night for your company or industry is simple: you’re acknowledging and appreciating the hard work of people who matter. A corporate awards night is very different from other glamorous award functions like the Oscars and the Grammys. But the purpose of all such ceremonies is the same: to offer an entertaining and memorable experience to the attendees. An experienced event management company can help you achieve this objective. First and foremost, you need to approach an awards night from a unique perspective because it isn’t the same as other business/corporate events. While it should be entertaining for the attendees, it also needs to meet the needs of your clients and sponsors (if any).

As states earlier, an awards night is a brilliant way to give recognition to those who have worked hard to grow the business and made valuable contributions to it. It allows you create an organizational culture that publicly rewards the hard work of the employees. This helps in motivating employees to reach new standards of excellence when working for the organization.

The venue for the awards night will be selected basis the scale of the event. If the company is giving awards in order to honor community service done by certain people, then it might have to book a hotel or large banquet hall. On the other hand, a small awards night organized for employees within the organization, could be hosted at a local restaurant or even the board room of the company. The planning of a big awards night has its set of unique challenges. A formal awards ceremony will require finding/selecting a master of ceremonies, deciding on the food and beverage venue, organization of audio/visual equipment, trophies, recruiting staff, designing and sending printed invitations and so on.